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Christmas Week Update

Just a few reminders about the display this week: Wednesday (12/23) will be the last night we accept toys for Toys for Tots. The last night to get your “I Believe Bell” will be Christmas night (if supply lasts). Lastly, if you want to see our virtual Santa in the window, his last appearance will be Christmas Eve (as you know, Santa then has a busy night followed by a well deserved vacation). Merry Christmas everyone!

From Innovative to Old School

Fifteen years ago, I stumbled across a group of guys on the Internet trying to integrate technology, music and Christmas decorations into a new style of Christmas display.  There were already a few early pioneers that had already been successful and when I started, there were probably less than two dozen of us doing displays, synchronized to music being broadcast on low power FM stations..  Today, because with any evolving technology, as it becomes easier to use and more affordable, thousands of people are creating wonderful displays that are 10x more innovative that how I started.  When it comes to decorating, it is all a matter of personal taste.  It doesn’t matter if you put up a single strand of lights, a simple wreath or a million lights that transform into a stadium like experience.  All are great and all will reach an appreciative audience.

For many reasons, our display has stayed somewhat similar as it was in 2002.   Most changes have been subtle.  They display had been downsized about 25% from it’s peak, but in doing so, I think has become a little more intimate and retained its character.  Some of the newer LED technology is very cool, but sometimes it loses its warmth or its presented in such a way you forget about Christmas.

People ask, “Why don’t you do this…?” or “How come  you don’t do what this guy does?”  The answers lie in some basic facts: 

  • I want to stay creative, homemade and unique
  • TwasTheNightBefore is a Christmas display – not a holiday light show
  • I choose the music used and programmed in the display very carefully.  It must be Christmas related (both secular and nonsecular).  Not every song has to be up tempo or a rock version of a Christmas song.  I’ve included some slower tempo or ballad songs in the mix.  Some people find them boring, I find them inspirational.  Aerosmith has its place – just not in the display.

My  goal each year is simple:  I want to bring some Christmas spirit to as many as I can,  invoke emotions of a past or present Christmas, and hopefully bring a smile to your face in the process.

Everything is pretty much wrapped up in these Disney inspired lyrics:

Can you remember how Christmas makes you feel?
The special magic in the air, when all your dreams are real ….

TwasTheNightBefore has become old school and I kind of like it. 🙂

Friday Update

After 2 days of rain,  about  75% complete.  Spent most of the day standing in puddles plugging stuff in – that’s safe right?   It will be Sunday night before everything is complete, but hope to have lights on tomorrow night, 5pm.

November greetings: Sponsored today by the numbers 19, 14, 12, 9

It’s November 21st and  not one light is hung – and it’s snowing. It looks like 2015 setup will be a little challenging to start with, but hopefully, lights will be back and everything ready to go by November 29th.

For those keeping score at home or that like to keep track of useless information, here’s some numbers you might find interesting – 19, 14, 12, 9

  • 19: number of years having a large display
  • 14: number of years having a display synchronized to music
  • 12: number of years collecting toys for Toys for Tots (over 5,000 toys collected)
  •   9: number of years giving out “I Believe Bells”  (over 3,000 bells given out)

Now, it is time to start shoveling snow so the display can go up.  Check back next weekend for updates and live streaming video.

Thanks for the toys!

A big thank you to all who donated toys this year. Once again, several hundred toys were received that will end up in the hands of a smiling, appreciative child on Christmas morning.

There is still a small supply of “I Believe Bells” available for tonight and tomorrow night. Be sure you have yours before Santa takes off tomorrow night.

Lastly, be sure to see if we finally get some snow on Christmas Eve. We might get a few inches starting Wednesday morning. Check the webcams throughout the day tomorrow. (