Believe in the Magic

I get asked many times why I continue to do the display every year (this is the 12th year).   There are many reasons – but here is one of them:  For the last several years, always on the first Friday in December, an anonymous local couple, …donates a huge bundle of wonderful toys.  They bring dozens of toys for both boys and girls of all ages.  It is simply an act of generosity that will mean dozens of local kids will have at least one present to open on Christmas day.

What makes this annual event even more magical, is the fact this couple are also ninjas.  They pull in the driveway, unload bags and bags of toys and I never see or hear them.  Today, I was working in my office – not more than 10 feet away from where they were unloading –and I never knew it.

One the themes of our display is “Believe in the Holiday Magic” – the kindness of this couple is why I believe.