November greetings: Sponsored today by the numbers 19, 14, 12, 9

It’s November 21st and  not one light is hung – and it’s snowing. It looks like 2015 setup will be a little challenging to start with, but hopefully, lights will be back and everything ready to go by November 29th.

For those keeping score at home or that like to keep track of useless information, here’s some numbers you might find interesting – 19, 14, 12, 9

  • 19: number of years having a large display
  • 14: number of years having a display synchronized to music
  • 12: number of years collecting toys for Toys for Tots (over 5,000 toys collected)
  •   9: number of years giving out “I Believe Bells”  (over 3,000 bells given out)

Now, it is time to start shoveling snow so the display can go up.  Check back next weekend for updates and live streaming video.