It’s 2020 – So why not?

Well, what I thought would last a year, lasted two. I retired the display in at the end of 2017 and at the time, it felt like the right time to do so.

Fast forward to 2020: If there ever was a time to have something to do from the comfort of your car and not having to get out and mingle, maybe it’s time to at least make one more attempt at a display.

Now, the display will be 50% of it’s original size. Think of the display this year as more TwasTheNightBefore Lite (get it? Lite? stay with me here 😊) This is for several reasons: , I dismantled much of everything after 2017, the technology I’m using really doesn’t exist anymore and I’m having to piece together what I can and I’m saving about 4-5 days of assembly and 2-3 days of teardown in January – something my aging body will appreciate.

There will be some familiar sights and sounds though: the music will be familiar, our virtual Santa will be in the window (who knew 18 years ago a virtual Santa would take on a new meaning in 2020) and most importantly, I hope you can take a break, enjoy a real, warm and cozy Christmas spirit.

If everything goes well, the weather holds and I don’t run out of duct tape, look for lights on Thanksgiving night.

Merry Christmas everyone!