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It’s time – to take a year off

Well, it’s September 1, Labor Day weekend and I know everyone is turning their thoughts to Christmas decorating. 😉 Normally, I would be doing the same thing, but this year, I’ve decided to decorate like a normal person. 🙂 There are many reasons why I’ve made this choice, but mostly, it just feels like the best thing to do. This not a permanent decision, so I’ll take it one year at a time.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us, supported Toys for Tots and has provided our family with so many great Christmas memories for the last 22 years.

In the spirit of The Polar Express, I will always encourage everyone to Believe!

Wrapping up for the season – and perhaps longer

Happy New Year everyone!  Tonight and tomorrow night (New Year’s Eve) will be the last nights for this year’s display.  Tear down starts on Monday (unless we are colder than the North Pole which is a distinct possibility this year).

I haven’t made any final decisions about returning next year, and I won’t for a few months, but for many reasons, it might be time to retire the display.  The decision is difficult as there are also still many reasons to continue.  Stay tuned for any updates next year.   

For all of you that have allowed us to be part of your family traditions, thank you.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a great new year. 

Yes, 4 Days

I can’t wait for him to stop by. 🙂

Just a few updates going into these last 4 days:

– Thanks for all the toy donations! Again, it amazes me how many toys we receive. I made one last trip to the distribution center today and over the last 3+ weeks, I delivered several hundred toys. Many, many local kids will have a happy Christmas morning.

– Don’t forget to get your “I Believe Bell” – you will see a container in the driveway through Christmas night.

– Live video is streaming here: TwasTheNightBefore Live Video

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here we go again!

Lights will be on starting tonight (Saturday) through New Years Eve, from 5pm – 10pm. Don’t forget we are a Toys for Tots drop off location and all toys go to local children in need. Also, be sure to take your “I Believe Bell” from our container in the driveway. Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy New Year!

Tonight will be the last night of lights for the display. Some take down will begin today, but January 1 always is the start of a multi day process and hopefully the weather cooperates. Thank you to everyone who donated this year to Toys for Tots as once again, you brought a little happiness to many local kids. I hope we brought a little Christmas spirit to everyone and hopefully, we will be back next year. Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Friday!

Well, the third weekend in a row with nasty weather (cold, more snow), but for those that venture out, we are still collecting toys and have plenty of bells to give out plus we will promise you lots of lights and music. For those that don’t venture out, you can always watch on the live video stream Have a great weekend!