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Here we go again!

Lights will be on starting tonight (Saturday) through New Years Eve, from 5pm – 10pm. Don’t forget we are a Toys for Tots drop off location and all toys go to local children in need. Also, be sure to take your “I Believe Bell” from our container in the driveway. Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy New Year!

Tonight will be the last night of lights for the display. Some take down will begin today, but January 1 always is the start of a multi day process and hopefully the weather cooperates. Thank you to everyone who donated this year to Toys for Tots as once again, you brought a little happiness to many local kids. I hope we brought a little Christmas spirit to everyone and hopefully, we will be back next year. Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Friday!

Well, the third weekend in a row with nasty weather (cold, more snow), but for those that venture out, we are still collecting toys and have plenty of bells to give out plus we will promise you lots of lights and music. For those that don’t venture out, you can always watch on the live video stream Have a great weekend!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! The display is on from 5pm-10pm, weather permitting through New Years Eve. Once again we are a drop off location for Toys for Tots and we have a supply of “I Believe Bells” available. Live video can be found here for those watching from around the world.

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Ready (or not), lights will be back soon

Much has happened since last Christmas.  I am a proud new Grandfather, the Cubs won the World Series and the country elected  a new President.   So, to celebrate at least 2 of the 3, I’ll give the display at least another year.   This year represents some key milestones:

  • 20th year for the display in our current home
  • 15th year for having a display synchronized to music
  • 13th year for collecting for Toys for Tots

Look for light around November 26th.  Live webcams again also.  You can follow us on Facebook (TwasTheNightBefore) or on Instagram (twas.the.night.before).

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Happy New Year Everyone – sponsored tonight by the numbers 500, 500, 500 and 1

Happy New Year everyone! Tonight will be the last night of the display and tomorrow starts the cold and sad part of taking everything down (takes about 4-5 full days to get everything down and packed away).

I started the season by referencing some key numbers about this year’s display. I figure I’ll end it on a similar note.

500: about the number of toys collected this year for Toys for Tots. Thank you to everyone who donated and a special thanks to Friendship Station, the bus tour from Bartlett that stopped  and donated so much and to Maxx and Theresa for hosting their own party and getting so many great toys.

500 (again): I never stopped to realize, but we gave out about the same number of “I Believe Bells” as toys were donated – pretty cool!

500 (once again): ok, now this is getting spooky 🙂 This is the number of times “Linus and Lucy” played this season (and multiply that over 14 years and well, it’s a lot of Linus and Lucy, thank you Vince Guaraldi).

1: I know that at least one person believes Santa lives in our house but I am sure the number is larger than that. 🙂 Thank you to all the little (and old) ones that still believe!

Hopefully, we will be back next year. Until then, Happy New Year!