Monthly Archives: December 2020

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve has always been the traditional last night of the display and after a two year hiatus, the tradition continues. The lights will be on one last time from 4:15 pm-10 pm tonight. Even though the display was greatly reduced from years past, I hope we helped take your minds off the negative things of 2020 and gave you some Holiday happiness and rekindled some past Christmas memories.

Thank you to everyone who reached out and shared your kind words and memories with us and remember to continue to believe in the magic of the Holiday!

Do you Believe?

Do you have your I Believe Bell? Three years ago, my then 1.5 year old grandson Graham would ring his, now this year, he and his sister Cora have their bells and still believe. Be sure to take a bell from our container in the driveway for everyone in your family that believes!